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*makes dying whale noises over research paper*

Once you get this, you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to your ten favourite followers (not back to me, already did it). Thinking good things about yourself is hard, but it will make you feel good so give it a go!





I also received one of these from the precious theladyandromeda, so I’ll answer both of you at once. :)

1. I am self-disciplined.

2. I am a hard worker.

3. I am a peace-maker at heart.

4. I have a nice singing voice. 

5. I make a mean bowl of chili. 

Hugs to both of you wonderful people for thinking of me!  

groveyswife said: Oh! You sing?! :) soprano or alto?

lala-kate:  I’m a soprano, and I relish singing second soprano as I find it more of a challenge :)  Do you sing?

I sing alto :) it’s not too strong, but I can sing it. Used to be soprano though. :)

*waves* HelloooOOOOooo to fellow singers!  Another alto here whose voice can’t decide if it wants to be a tenor or a mezzo.

First soprano swagger! Can everyone start a Tumblr choir? XD


flipping hell that last gif is a deep, deep kiss (and yeah, i’ve watched it a lot).

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Another head aches, another heart breaks
I am so much older than I can take

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"…there’s more to be told."

Eddy Kitsis on Hook and Emma’s relationship.

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Welcome to the Outlaw Queen Fan Directory! 


Because OQ is growing so strong as a ship, it felt right to create a place for OQ fans to connect and share links to their work and online communities. This will mostly center around fans’ Tumblr blogs, but external sites and links to FanFiction, Twitter, etc will also be included. 

To submit a listing of your own, please read the How To section carefully.

Looking forward to all of your submissions! It’s amazing to see us all coming together through this wonderful pairing OUAT has given us in Regina and Robin. Let’s continue to grow and become a true community!

I’m not an amateur. I’m the s a v i o r.

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Nature Under Constraint and Vexed + Red

Money buys a man’s silence for a time. A bolt in the heart buys it forever.

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Why do you follow me? Put the reason in my ask. 

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make me choose: anonymous asked: once upon a time or the vampire diaries